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No Fear

How to Manage Fear, Anxiety and Panic During a Pandemic (Or Any Acute Event), Specifically Related to the Current Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The world is currently riveted in fear of what is known as COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus that has put a lot of people at risk of getting ill. I understand that this situation can be frightening, and we should take all necessary precautions, following the WHO and CDC guidelines. However, it is also important to recognize that if you have ever had a cold or flu in your life, it was probably the result of a type of coronavirus infection, and the risk of death for most people is a lot less than many other viruses.

We need to bring balance to the fear, because the fear can be more dangerous than the virus. First, it is important to research what is true and what is false, so that we do not inevitably spread false information about the pandemic. Even though current statistics suggest 2% of the population can die from the coronavirus, versus 1% from any conventional flu, the health of almost all the deceased from this coronavirus was already compromised before they were infected. This means we have to take extra precautions if we or people we know have pre-existing conditions or are seniors, while still keeping a straight head on our shoulders.

Podcast Time Highlights

2:05 What is Covid-19?

3:27 What does fear do to the brain and body?

9:15 What can you do to keep safe?

16:14 How can you use mind-management techniques to combat fear and anxiety in the midst of a pandemic

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