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Grace Is for Everyone!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

A man was predicted by prophets for hundreds of years. His birth. What His life would be like. How He would die. And, most importantly, how He would come back to life in three days. And then it all happened! 

You see, if Jesus had never fulfilled those prophecies, nobody would’ve cared. If He hadn’t died and come back to life? Well, people would’ve just thought he was either a big liar or severely mentally ill. Nobody would’ve remembered that person. 

But Jesus came the way it was said He would. He did what He said He would do. He died. His followers saw the whole thing. They were scared. 

And then His followers also saw Him come back to life! And they were filled with boldness! Jesus’ return to life, also known as resurrection, is what makes Easter so important, unforgettable, and world-changing. 

It’s Jesus’ grace and forgiveness, though, that are so life-changing! 

Jesus is filled with love for every person. He wants us to take His signal of grace for the world and boost it! The world needs it. Everyone needs to know there is a God. He created us. He cares about us. And He is reaching out to us if we will just reach back to Him. 

As Jason said yesterday, this world isn’t perfect. It’s still full of brokenness and pain. But God is with us throughout it all. And one day, He is going to make everything right again, just like it was when He originally created it! There will be a new earth. And we’ll live together with God forever, with no more pain and no more tears. What wonderful news! 

Watch this video, and take it as an invitation to join God’s great love story to the world by boosting His grace everywhere you go for the rest of your life! Easter is here, and it’s here forever!

Ask yourself: How can I boost God’s grace? Who do I know who I can be kind to and show God’s love to? How can I spread the good news that Jesus loves each of us to everyone I meet?  

Pray: God, thank You for Easter! Jesus is alive! I get to be in Your story of love and forgiveness. Help me to spread Your grace, love, and forgiveness more and more each day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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